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Project Management Consultancy

Project Management Consultancy (PMC) offers one of the effective management solution to increase and improve the efficiency and outcome of a project in construction. Project Management Consultants manage the Project by application of their Knowledge, Skills, and Experience at various stages

It is the most effective and efficient when it is involved in Total Project Life Cycle from Conception to Closeout. Awareness of various Processes involved in Project Management and detail study of multiple constraints of project like Time-Cost-Risk-Scope-Quality-Resource are an integral part of any project management consultancy

Under our Project Management Consultancy service, we undertake a planned series of activities and design them in synchronization with our customer’s requirements, whenever we go on board with new projects. This includes overall planning, coordination, monitoring and controlling of a project from inception to completion in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time, within authorized cost and to the required quality standards.


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Process from Idea Formation to Implementation

Strategic Planning

In this stage we work to ensure your requirement are fully understood by us.

Concept Development

Based on the your requirement, we come up with a conceptual design of interior space and satisfy all your queries and concerns.

Design Development

In this stage designers have all the information that they need and they design a virtual 3D design of your space to give you an exact idea of how the space will look.

Construction Work

In this stage actual implementation of interior work happens.